Brandywine Homeowners Association

Architectural Review Board Application For Improvements/Tree Removal

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Landscaping     Walk/Driveway     Roofing     Other

Description of Proposed Improvements/Tree(s) Removal: (Attach photos or sketches as necessary):

Attach Files (Optional):

Conditions, Restrictions, and Limitations:

  • This request is subject to all conditions, restrictions and limitations noted on this form.

Submission Requirements:

  • Attach a copy of a plot plan or survey showing where the addition such as a fence, porch, etc. is to be located. All materials, dimensions and finishes must be described in detail and color samples must be attached for any paint or other finishes. All requests must conform to the local zoning and building regulations and you must obtain all necessary permits if your request is approved by the Architectural Review Committee.
  • This form must be signed by the owner of the subject property.

All Approvals Are Subject To The Following Conditions:

  • Property owner and contractor(s) are responsible for obtaining and complying with all building permits, building codes and setbacks. All work must meet County and Local ordinances for landscape and tree replacement guidelines.
  • Property owner is responsible for restoring, regrading and replacing any damaged grass, plants or other property on adjacent or nearby lots, easements or common property that may be damaged as a result of this project.
  • Proposed structures shall not encroach on any platted setback or easements nor may they adversely affect any de- signed and approved drainage flow on this or any other lot. Property owner must accept liability for encroachment on or damage to any easements.
  • All materials used during alteration process must be neatly stored on site. Upon completion, all excess materials must be removed within 14 days.
  • Any fence shall not encroach onto any property owned or controlled by the Association and shall not obstruct or impede approved drainage flow on this Lot or any other. Height of homeowners fence cannot exceed the height of any community fence. The “finished” side of the fence shall face the street and neighboring properties.
  • All work must be completed within 90 days of the date of this signed approval.
  • Owner must continue to maintain property during construction

Form Submission

Please return form to:
Specialty Management Company
1000 Pine Hollow Point, Altamont Springs, FL 32714

Property Owner Signature

I, the owner of the above named property, agree to all terms, conditions, requirements spelled out in the association Declaration, of Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws, Rules and Regulations, Architectural Review Guidelines, Community Standards and this document.

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