Brandywine Homeowners Association

Brandywine Homeowners Association, Inc.
PO Box 37
De Leon Springs, FL 32130

Pres/Dir Lorin Myers 941 Kings Mountain Rd. 386-801-4890
V-Pres/Dir Renee Weber 2715 N. Saratoga Rd. 386-734-4342
Sec/Dir Liliane Benucci 1045 W. Village Green Rd. 404-892-5757
Treas/Dir Dale Haaland 910 Kings Mountain Rd. 360-739-1114
Director Cynthia Capps 923 Lexington Rd. 407-484-2115
Director James Graesart 845 Lancaster Rd. 386-424-4921
Director John Chant 1026 Valley Forge Rd. 386-337-5885

Registered Agent - David Slachter

Recording Secretary - Liliane Benucci Bookkeeper - Lorin Myers dba Lorin Myers Bookkeeping


  Chair Members
Architecture Review Board John Chant Jim Graesart
Beautification Award Liliane Benucci Tisa Houck
E-mail, Website, Newsletter, Neighborhood Watch, Facebook
Lorin Myers Liliane Benucci, Tisa Houck, Renee Weber
Dale Haaland Lorin Myers, Mark Zirkle
Grounds and Maintenance
Common Area Lawn Care, Tree Removal, Ponds, Street lights, Structures
Renee Weber Tisa Houck, Gary Filip
Rules Tisa Houck Renee Weber, Diane Hill, Cindy Capps
Storage Facility Mike Campanella Mark Zirkle
Welcoming Diane Hill Lorin Myers
Special Committees

Governing Documents   Board of Directors
Nominations   TBA at the August 2020 meeting
Annual Yard Sale (March)   Diane Hill

Committee Directory

Mark Zirkle - - (269) 657-5874
David Slachter - - (954) 249-6306
Gary Filip – - (863) 464-0836
Tisa Houck – - (423) 595-9013
Diane Hill – - (386) 734-5219
Michael Campanella – - (386) 235-0161

Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept. nonemergency # (386) 736-5999