Brandywine Homeowners Association

Brandywine Homeowners Association Mission Statement

The Brandywine Homeowners Association, Inc., an owner- member corporation, is dedicated to providing a safe, orderly, and beautiful neighborhood for the enjoyment of all residents. The Officers and Board of Directors are entrusted with the management and operation of this corporation in order to maintain property values and the integrity of the community. They will openly and fairly manage association finances, enforce all covenants and restrictions, and establish rules for the common good while adhering to Brandywine governing documents, county ordinances, state statutes and federal laws.

Brandywine is a 280 member deed restricted development established in 1976 Northwest of Deland, Florida. Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.

For information regarding Brandywine HOA,  members and non-members should contact Specialty Management Company at 407-647-2622.

Neighborhood News

Board of Directors 2024:
Stan Wickett, President
Liliane Benucci, Vice-President
Cheryl Johnson, Secretary
Ken DeForest, Treasurer
Dan Perez, Director

  • Florida Black Bears Are Among Us!

    Yes, it’s true. You may see Florida black bears roaming the neighborhood, especially after dark or early in the morning. They are looking for food and love to explore garbage cans for anything they can find. Here are some tips:

    1. Keep garbage cans closed and stored until collection day. Put them out the morning of collection, which is Tuesdays in Brandywine.
    2. Don’t leave food out for pets, or leave bird feeders out overnight. Bears will find them!
    3. Don’t confront a bear if you see one. They aren’t especially aggressive, but let’s stay out of their way.
    4. Contact the FWC, Northeast Region, at 352-732-1225 if you see an aggressive bear.
    5. For more information, visit

  • Attention Walkers and Cyclists and Drivers!

    Brandywine’s streets are popular with walkers and cyclists, and drivers should be cautious when approaching anyone walking or riding a bicycle.

    1. Drivers should maintain 3 feet of space between the vehicle and the pedestrian or walker.
    2. Walkers should walk FACING traffic (left side of the road) and in single file if a car approaches.
    3. Cyclists should ride WITH traffic (right side of road).
    4. Walkers and cyclists should wear BRIGHT colored clothing for better visibility.
    5. Drivers should be aware of children walking to bus stops, especially in the dark!

  • A Note to Residents and Realtors

    Residents of Brandywine are fortunate to have Codes & Restrictions that protect the value and appearance of the neighborhood. Whether a resident is an owner or a tenant, all are expected to abide by these governing documents. Realtors should make their tenants aware of the rules by directing them to this website or by contacting Specialty Management Company at 407-647-2622.

  • Please Patrol Your Pets
    Brandywine is a pet friendly neighborhood, and many residents walk their dogs along the roads next to grassy yards. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog.

 Beautification Award of the Month
Ryle - Concord Road

 Upcoming Events
  • Monthly board meetings are held at 7:00PM on the second Tuesday of each month in the Condos’ clubhouse — 2909 Revere Place.
  • For more information contact president Stan Wickett by email

 Quarterly Maintenance Fees
Payments are delinquent after the 1st day of each quarter:

First quarter – Oct. 1st
Second quarter – Jan. 1st
Third quarter – April 1st
Fourth quarter – July 1st

For Realtors and Other Agents
Realtors, closing agents and title companies with requests for estoppel, please contact Specialty Management at 407-647-2622.

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