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Brandywine Homeowners Association Mission Statement

The Brandywine Homeowners Association, Inc., an owner- member corporation, is dedicated to providing a safe, orderly, and beautiful neighborhood for the enjoyment of all residents. The Officers and Board of Directors are entrusted with the management and operation of this corporation in order to maintain property values and the integrity of the community. They will openly and fairly manage association finances, enforce all covenants and restrictions, and establish rules for the common good while adhering to Brandywine governing documents, county ordinances, state statutes and federal laws.

Brandywine is a 280 member deed restricted development established in 1976 Northwest of Deland, Florida. Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

 Neighborhood News


Capps – Lexington Rd.

Humans Feeding the Ducks is a Health Hazard for Everyone.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Muscovy ducks--the ones who live at our pond entrance--are undesirable "because of their potential to transmit diseases to or interbreed with Florida's native waterfowl. Furthermore, Muscovy duck populations can increase quickly, which can lead to conflicts between neighbors, excessive nutrient loading in small ponds, and messy sidewalks and driveways." (
More importantly, feeding bread, crackers, popcorn, doughnuts, and other high-carbohydrate human foods to these ducks is hazardous to their health and to ours.
1.The ducks need to forage for their natural foods and not become dependent on us for food that provides them with calories, not nutrition. 
2. Soggy, uneaten bread, etc. that remains on the ground can attract mice, insects, and other potentially harmful wildlife. 
3. Populations of these ducks will increase if an easy source of food is available, resulting in overcrowding and competition for natural food. 
4. Nearby ponds become polluted and algae can flourish when these foods get into the water. (
For everyone's safety and health, PLEASE DON'T FEED THE DUCKS!
Attracting and feeding songbirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies is acceptable, but bird seed should not remain out at night as it attracts bears. 

  • "Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!"

That line from the film "The Wizard of Oz" is familiar and often quoted, but even though Brandywine may never see lions and tigers, we certainly have seen the Florida black bear strolling through, rummaging through garbage cans, and scaring the Dickens out of those who were witnesses. With the Ocala National Forest practically in our backyard, we are going to see bears. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife


Here are some things we can do:

  1. Wait until the morning of garbage pick-up (Tuesday) to put out the bins, freeze scraps during the week.
  2. Bring in bird feeders at night.
  3. Clean up any fruit that has fallen off fruit trees.
  4. Bring in food dishes after feeding your pets.
  5. Stay in a safe location and scare the bear away by making loud noises--shout, bang pots, use an air horn, etc.
  6. Contact the FWC, Northeast Region, at 352-732-1225 if you think the bear is aggressive.Bears are just looking for something to eat, so make sure they can't find it here.
  • Attention Walkers and Cyclists and Drivers!
    Now that the weather is cooler, we see more walkers and cyclists enjoying the neighborhood and getting some exercise and stress relief. Walkers should always walk AGAINST oncoming traffic (left side of road) and in single file when cars approach. Bicyclists should always ride WITH the traffic (right side of road). Drivers are required by law to allow a minimum 3 feet of buffer between their vehicles and the cyclist when passing. Enjoy your exercise, but stay safe out there!

  • Neighbors Watching Out for Neighbors
    Is there a home for sale or a vacant home near you? Be a good neighbor and watch the driveway for bagged newspapers and circulars that haven't been picked up. Place them in your recycle bin and keep the neighborhood free from accumulating bags and trash. It takes only a few minutes to eliminate these items, and the clean driveway or yard has a neater appearance We have sent mailings to our properties that we believe not to be owner occupied. All residents of Brandywine are required to abide by the governing documents and board rules. To insure that your tenant is aware please contact us at , direct them to this website or contact any officer from the Board/Contacts link on this page.

  • A Note to Residents and Realtors
    Residents of Brandywine are fortunate to have Codes & Restrictions that protect the value and appearance of the neighborhood. Whether a resident is an owner or a tenant, all are expected to abide by these governing documents. Realtors should make their tenants aware of the rules by directing them to this website or by contacting any Officer or Board member at the Board/Contacts link on this page or contact the Association at

  • Please Patrol Your Pets
    Brandywine is a pet friendly neighborhood, and many residents walk their dogs along the roads next to grassy yards. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog. If you see someone who isn't cleaning up, try to identify the owner or their address and, if necessary, call Animal Control at 386-740-5241.
  • Welcome New Members:

    Roberta & Mark Sica – Concord Rd.
    Morgan Lacey – N. Saratoga Rd.
    Karen Schwarz – Kings Mountain Rd.
    Donna & Scott Bonno – Concord Rd.
    Tracie Jones – Lancaster Rd.
    Maggie Ortkiese – Green Mountain Rd.
    Kathleen & Sylvester Sheriffe – Old Church Place
    Rachael & Vincent Parlapiano – Village Green Court
    Tina & Kevin DeBruyne – Burgoyne Rd.
    Abigail & Colleen Marion – Kings Mountain Rd.
    Janissa Soto – Yorktown Place
    Christina & Richard Robertson – Lexington Rd.
    Amy Ketner – Valley Forge Rd.
    Mordehey Darwish – Charleston Place
    Nissan Levy – Charleston Place
    Geena & Drew Valentino – Burgoyne Rd.

 Beautification Award of the Month
Ryals – Concord Rd.

 Upcoming Events
  • The next monthly meeting will be February 8th, 2022 @ 7:00 pm on a Zoom platform.

  • Members may contact President  Liliane Benucci 
    Email Link 404-892-5757 for more info.
  • The Brandywine Annual Yard Sale will be held Saturday March 12th

 Condo Docs
  • The Brandywine Village Condominium Association governing documents are accessible at the tab above labeled Condos.

 Quarterly Maintenance Fees
Payments are delinquent after the 1st day of each quarter:

First quarter – Oct. 1st
Second quarter – Jan. 1st
Third quarter – April 1st
Fourth quarter – July 1st

Realtors, closing agents and title companies with requests for estoppel or questions regarding HOA rules/approvals please contact Lorin Myers (386) 801-4890

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